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                                                                        Ligaya Mishan 



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Sea food custard in coconut shell

Laab Thod

Fried Spicy Minced Pork

Power Green Curry

Green Curry



Awarded by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology of Thailand and Thai Restaurant Society for

“Best Award Restaurant of 2016”

A.K.A. “Farm Luck Dee”



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What People Say

Kathy T. (Yelp Reviews)

Beautifully decorated restaurant with plenty of street parking. Here are some key points:

– Small/medium sized restaurant, but we didn’t have to wait for a table.

– They make one of the best iced Thai teas I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness

– most of the ones I tried in other places were way too sweet. you have the option to choose with or without milk (for those lactose intolerant friends)

– Great and friendly wait staff.

– Accommodating for vegetarians since you have the option to opt out on fish sauce in some dishes Definitely recommend and would come back to try their other dishes.

Heather M. (Yelp Reviews)

Loved this place!! It was a lovely place to sit, with really mellow Polynesian decor, great relaxing vibe. Calamari was excellent, Khao soy was very tasty, and the grilled half chicken platter was so delicious and satisfying- highly recommended!

The service could not have been better, or more warm and friendly. They suggested a couple of desserts, and we were blown away by the warm coconut soup with taro dumplings.

Overall, a fantastic addition to the neighborhood. Go visit or check them out on Seamless so they live long and prosper!

Cory B. (Yelp Review)

I have been to quite a few good Thai places around my neighborhood but Thai Farm Kitchen takes it to the next level. This restaurant offers truly authentic Thai cuisine, great service and a lovely atmosphere.

Thai Farm Kitchen offers a lot of great and unique Thai dishes you can’t find normally in other Thai restaurants in the neighborhood. The dish that I tried here first was the seafood dish that is made with coconut milk, coconut shavings and is served in a coconut shell. It was delicious. You could tell the ingredients were very high quality and I appreciate a lot of it comes from upstate New York farms. From what I understand a lot of the spices are also imported directly from Thailand just so the quality can be maintained and the taste authentic. There were many other similarly interesting and exotic dishes on the menu but I haven’t tried them yet. I would be interested in pad Thai just to see how it compares to other local establishments.

The atmosphere here is also unique compared to other Thai restaurants. It feels a lot more authentic and upscale as many of the decorations come directly from Thailand. It feels like your in a nice restaurant in rural Thailand (not that I would know what that actually feels like btw.) Overall the atmosphere and decor compliment the food.

The service here is good too. The waitress I had was polite, I didn’t have to wait to long for my food and they offer unlimited jasmine rice here! I haven’t been here when it gets really crowded but hopefully the service is as good as then.

When I came here for the first time I was able to meet the owner who informed me his whole background. Apparently he use to own a farm and restaurant in Thailand but moved to the states to be with his family. His story was very touching and I hope his new business does fantastic.